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All The News You Need To Read This Morning

GCSE results show the gender gap is narrowing.
Image by Alberto G via Flickr; CC2.0

The news is part boring and part overwhelming, so here's a quick list of all the stuff we thought was significant today:

GCSE results rise despite tougher exams

"Tougher exams" favour boys over girls as gender gap narrows

Corbyn floats plan for Google and tech companies to fund journalism

No deal Brexit advice to be published by UK government

Patient waited 62 hours for ambulance

The Big Bang Theory is finally ending


Chinese tourists flock to North Yorkshire chippy

Rare STI that causes genitals to rot and erupt found in woman in the UK

Tory defence secretary wants guns on tractors

#MeToo actress Asia Argento admits sex with an underage boy

Liam Payne says he "likes sex"