Toronto’s Junia-T Assembles Laid Back Belligerence on Soulful “Know Better”

The new track is a breezy re-introduction to the Toronto artist and features fellow acts Miloh Smith, Sean Leon and Julian Thomas.

Socrates once said “the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing,” but sometimes it takes a Toronto man to “Know Better.” Luckily for us, producer and emcee Junia-T brings us the chilled out and philosophical “Know Better," featuring Miloh Smith, Sean Leon and Julian Thomas. The hip-hop and R&B composition show off Junia-T’s skills as a producer, and it’s the first taste from his forthcoming Studio Monk full-length project.


The bouncy vibe works well with the soothing hook by Atlanta’s Miloh Smith—a rising star known for her collaborations with Bryson Tiller and Ty Dolla $ign. “Going crazy in my mind, but I know better,” Smith sings. "Parkdale Cartel" Sean Leon picks up a flow that ebbs from near-whisper to clear menace about his recent flings with success, while Julian Thomas finishes with autotuned, laid back belligerence. The whole thing is a very breezy introduction to Junia-T’s style and a welcome change of pace.

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