This 'Black Mirror' Website Tells You When Your Relationship Will Fail

Because nothing is more romantic than arguing about the life span of love.
February 14, 2018, 6:53pm
Image via screenshot

On Wednesday, the minds behind Black Mirror released a new website that will tell you and your loved one just how long your relationship will last—because nothing is more romantic than arguing about the life span of a relationship on Valentine's Day, right?

The site,, is based on Black Mirror's standout season four episode "Hang the DJ," where some kind of futuristic Tinder pairs single people up using a terrifyingly complex dating algorithm called "The System." The app's faux-Siri "coach" will even tell you how long you and your date are destined to stay together, if that's something both partners want.

Dystopian dating world aside, "Hang the DJ" turned out to be one of the few Black Mirror episodes with anything resembling a happy ending. But don't expect the real-life version to do much besides ruin a nice Valentine's Day dinner.

The website gives you a custom URL to share with your Valentine, so the two of you can get the chance to find out your "expiry date"—the exact length of your relationship together. If that insane desire is something you and your partner both share, you must each click the site's button on your computers at the same time.

Unfortunately, if you don't click in unison, things will take a pretty dark turn, just like in the episode, and the site will start shaving years off of your relationship's future.

Sure, the whole site is just a cute tie-in to Netflix's sci-fi series and can't actually make an accurate prediction about your romance or whatever, but still, be careful. Valentine's Day can be dark enough as it is without a website inspiring a conversation about how long you and your significant other will last. You've been warned.

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