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LA Prosecutors Have More Evidence Than Ever Against Harvey Weinstein

The LAPD submitted three new alleged sexual assault cases to the district attorney's office, bringing the total number under review to five.
Drew Schwartz
Brooklyn, US
Photo by Walter McBride/WireImage/Getty Images

While police continue to investigate sexual assault claims against Harvey Weinstein in New York and London, it looks like cops in Los Angeles are making some headway. The Los Angeles Times reports that the LAPD recently submitted three cases of assault against the producer with the district attorney's office, bringing the total number under review to five.

Weinstein has denied the dozens of accusations of sexual misconduct against him—ranging from harassment to rape—and his lawyers have insisted that he's innocent of any criminal wrongdoing. After news of his alleged predatory behavior, dating back to the 70s, began to pile up, the Beverly Hills Police Department filed two cases to the LA County district attorney's office at the end of last year. Many of the alleged incidents occurred at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills.


According to Variety, the LA County district attorney's office has created a special task force just to review sexual assault allegations following the scandal. It's now up to prosecutors to decide whether or not to charge Weinstein, which a district attorney's spokesman told the Times is still up in the air.

Meanwhile, Weinstein's reportedly been spending his time at a rehab center in Arizona, being treated for sex addiction. While the cops look into the accusations against him and prosecutors weigh taking him to court, some folks in the area have decided to take justice into their own hands.

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