Watch Kurt Vile Play Carrie Brownstein's Doting Assistant on 'Portlandia'

For his cameo on IFC's 'Portlandia,' Kurt Vile trades his guitar for a life behind the scenes.
Queens, US
March 9, 2018, 6:14pm
Screenshot of 'Portlandia' clip

Over the years, Kurt Vile has proven pretty good at whatever he role he decides to fill, whether it's shaggy solo folk singer, leader of a barn-burning rock band, a sideman in the War on Drugs, or a space-cowboy counterpart in duets with Courtney Barnett. Vile joins Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen on IFC's final season of Portlandia, playing Brownstein's personal roadie.

The skit is funny enough for music nerds, as Armisen surprises Brownstein with an extreme makeover of sorts, except he's given her home the trappings of a scummy DIY venue. Chic furniture is replaced by gaudy posters of rock stars and sculptures, and their bathroom, barred off by a velvet rope, resembles the one you're lost in on Saturday nights where way too many people missed the toilet. Luckily for Brownstein, Armisen gifts Vile to her as a roadie just for the house. The decor stinks, but who doesn't want someone to open their beers for them? Watch the clip below.

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