This story is over 5 years old.

Mackenta Takes Social Climbers to Task in "No Finesse"

The Toronto "electrosoul" singer attacks the concept of the flex with precision.

To finesse is to be human in the 2010s, because the success we all strive for is dependent on the luck and charisma that a good finesser makes use of. Toronto "electrosoul" singer Mackenta offers the most damning critique of this lifestyle in her new song "No Finesse," which may as well be critiquing society as a whole but hey, we all need self-examination most days. "But I digress, I feel the flex of my success," she sings icily over a gothic backing. Later, she makes a sudden rapped verse feel like the climax of a slasher film, coolly eviscerating her targets with terrifying ease.


"We're in an age where a lot of people out here take pride in how much they can finesse or use slick movements to get their way," Mackenta tells Noisey. "I went through a long phase of numbing my emotions and vowing to trust no one. This song is about me taking back my power, embracing my femininity and trusting my own intuition instead." Watch the "No Finesse" video above.