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Paramore's Tiny Desk Concert Is Subdued, But Powerful

Hayley Williams and co. stopped by NPR to perform some 'After Laughter' cuts.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

The NPR Tiny Desk is a hallowed performance space, and recently, Paramore became the latest act to grace it. The footage of their visit to the NPR offices made it online today, and it sees the band, whose fifth album After Laughter came out back in May, dialling back the usual force of their live show in favour of something a little more subtle.

They performed "Hard Times," "26," and "Fake Happy"—all taken from After Laughter—which sound just as good stripped back as they do on record and performed in full. The standout attraction, however, is Williams' voice. Crisp, clear, and expressive as always, her control is perfect, and it's nice to hear her giving her idiosyncrasies room to breathe on these starker versions. Watch it above and feel happy and sad.

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