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The Fidget Spinner Phone Is the Worst Thing Since the Fidget Spinner

It's the size of your palm, it can make texts and calls, and it's definitive proof that the world is now a bad place.
Drew Schwartz
Brooklyn, US
Screengrab via PhoneRadar / YouTube

After becoming an obsessive fad, a hypnotic propaganda machine, and even a secret message transmitter, fidget spinners have now become the only other thing human beings like more than the fascinating toy—a cell phone. According to Quartz, you can now enjoy the base wonderment that is fidget spinning without ever actually having to stop and text or call someone, if that's something you want.

Late last month, the Hong Kong-based electronics company Chilli International reportedly launched a fidget spinner phone for some reason. The thing apparently costs only $20 and comes in six different colors, including best-Starburst-flavor pink.


If, for whatever reason, you'd actually like to purchase this device, it's worth noting that, while small, it actually does work. Thanks to Reddit, we know it has a tiny little unlock button, displays the time and date, and can make texts and calls—though, according to the Verge, that's about it. Sadly, it doesn't look like you can charge it by spinning it, which would actually be kind of sick.

The fidget phone—which is really just today's version of the Razr or the Sidekick or whatever gimmicky cell phone you had back in high school—is currently only available in India, though Quartz reports Chilli will be selling it online as well.

If you or anyone you know is seriously considering purchasing one of these devices, keep in mind that a) no, fidget spinners don't actually help with ADHD, b) they're a choking hazard for small children, and c) the fad is pretty much dead anyway. It might be just as fun to dig up your old Tamagotchi instead.

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