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Monthly Horoscope: Aries, May 2019

Welcome to Taurus season!
May 1, 2019, 11:30am

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Your season, Aries, is fiery and fast-paced, but the sun is shining in down-to-earth Taurus now, and the mood is mellow! It's time to slow down, indulge your senses, and enjoy life. The sector of your chart that rules finances, security, and self-worth is being activated now. Tricky conversations about your career, power, and reputation arrive on May 1, when Mercury clashes with Saturn, and May 2, when it clashes with Pluto. But you're especially sharp-witted as Mercury also connects with your ruling planet Mars on May 1 and lucky Jupiter on May 2, helping you find opportunities where there are seemingly none.

May 4 brings the new moon in Taurus, and with it, a clean slate in your finances. This is a wonderful time to start a new budget or rethink the ways you handle money. On an emotional level, you're reflecting on your needs around security and stability. You're a risk taker, but that doesn't mean you don't look for comfort in your life, Aries. Like I said, Taurus season is also the time to enjoy yourself, and this new moon asks you to take a moment to pause and savor the delights around you. New moons bring fresh starts, and new doors are open for abundance and prosperity.


New moon energy, especially in grounded Taurus, is typically quite slow, but on May 5, your ruling planet Mars opposes Jupiter, creating an upbeat tempo. Exciting conversations take place, and you're pumped to have the information you need to push forward and embark on exciting adventures! If you're looking to publish something, or if you're abroad or in school, this will be an especially dynamic time for you. Just watch out for your competitive tendencies at this occasion.

Mercury enters Taurus on May 6 and money is on your mind. Flexible, mutable Mercury doesn't budge on the details when it's in Taurus, so this is a fine time for accounting or any detail-oriented work—just don't expect people to be super flexible at this time. Also watch out for grumpy attitudes as Venus clashes with Saturn on May 7. Venus is all about desire, but Saturn offers a big "no" at this time, so it's not the day to plan an important meeting. Be smart about your reputation right now—you're a pioneer and a trendsetter, but you can also be reckless and perceived as immature. Be smart about the moves you're making at this moment, and be your most mature self, even in the face of rejection—it's simply better for you in the long run.

Unexpected news arrives as Mercury meets Uranus and the sun connects with Neptune on May 8, helping you tap into your intuitive abilities. Venus mingles with Jupiter, bringing a big dash of luck your way as you take exciting risks, but you must approach things sensibly and maturely as Venus clashes with Pluto on May 9, stirring up sensitivities and making it important to watch how you present yourself to the world. Power struggles, jealousy, and possessive behavior are highlighted at this time. Don't hesitate to bring in a third party to help mediate any potentially sticky situations!


The sun connects with Saturn on May 11 and then with Pluto on May 13, helping you step into a place of power and authority. This bodes very well for you professionally, as you will be able to show your strategic mind and natural leadership skills. Earlier this month, communication concerning these themes was strained, but now you'll be showing with actions—not words—how well you can handle business. Saturn is the planet of stability, while Pluto is all about transformation, and a helpful blend of both is flowing. Venus connects with Mars on May 14, bringing a dash of fun, flirtatious, and social energy!

A big energy shift arrives on May 15, when Venus enters Taurus, Mercury connects with Neptune, and Mars enters Cancer. Venus in Taurus is wonderful for bringing abundance your way. Some lovely gifts and shopping trips are also in store. In your love life, you're valuing security and stability, and feel eager to connect with your lovers by enjoying the pleasures life has to offer: good food, lovely music, massages, and bubble baths. Your intuition is also especially strong as Mercury connects with Neptune. Your ruling planet Mars enters cautious water sign Cancer, inspiring you to get things in order at home. If you're moving or renovating your home, Mars will boost your energy to get things done. Emotionally, Mars in Cancer finds you reflecting on security and privacy. Communication planet Mercury connects with taskmaster Saturn on May 16, helping you get focused and organized.

May 18's full moon in brooding water sign Scorpio is one of the most intense days of the month for you, Aries, as powerful emotions come to the surface and a major climax is reached in your intimate relationships. This is also a critical turning point in any emotional situation concerning grief or letting go that's been building up in your life. This is a powerful time to pay off debts, financial or emotional; if you owe someone an apology or some cash, use the energy of this full moon to release the burden from your life. Tricky issues concerning taxes and inheritances also come to a head at this time. Powerful and intimate conversations take place as Mercury connects with Pluto and Venus meets with Uranus today, too, which finds you surprised about what you really care about, and what your heart desires…it might not be what you expected.

Another energetic shift arrives as the sun and Mercury enter and meet in Gemini on May 21, illuminating the communication sector of your chart. So many powerful emotions came to the surface for you, and making sense of it all could feel difficult (putting things to words isn't always something that happens quickly or easily!), but this Gemini energy will help you sort all that out, as the sun activates the sector of your chart that rules your mind.

A new perspective is here, and as Mars connects with Uranus on May 22, a shake-up arrives that brings a eureka moment! The clarity that arrives this week will transition into a mental fog as Mercury clashes with hazy Neptune on May 29, so watch out for miscommunications. That said, big, exciting ideas are shared as Mercury opposes Jupiter on May 30. Romance also flows, thanks to Venus's connection with Neptune on May 30. Venus connects with Saturn on May 31, which isn't the coziest combination of planetary energies, but they're working well together, which bodes well for your finances and feelings of security—an anchoring energy is in the air. Good luck this month, little ram, and see you in June!