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Brexit is freaking people out so much they're turning into preppers

People in the U.K. are freaked out about Brexit. That's causing some of them to prepare for the worst.

Brits have looked on with increasing dread as their politicians struggle to negotiate a pathway toward Brexit.

But the looming possibility of a no-deal Brexit has turned some into “Brexit preppers” — Brits who are preparing for the possibility of losing access to their favorite products, food and even medicine.

On Wednesday, European leaders granted the U.K. a six-month Brexit extension until Oct. 31, but ”Brexit preppers” aren’t taking any chances. They’re preparing for the worst.


Peter — who asked not to reveal his last name — is one of these preppers. He’s packed supplies to survive a full-scale descent into chaos, in his suburban home. He’s not even an outlier. So many people are freaking out about Brexit that helping them prep has become a cottage industry.

For James Blake, founder of “Emergency Food,” Brexit should be big business. The price of his infamous "Brexit breakfast box" is roughly $400, and he says he’s sold upwards of 600 of them to Brits already.

But Brexit also poses some problems for his business model: Almost 40 percent of his business is reliant on clients in the EU, a market he could soon lose out on.

"Brexit is a terrible idea for our business because we operate within the U.K. and Europe. We sell our products from all over Europe,” Blake told VICE News. “That being said, I did vote for Brexit, and I would do it again."

This segment originally aired April 10, 2019, on VICE News Tonight on HBO.