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Ajit Pai's dream of killing net neutrality comes at a devastating personal cost

Ajit Pai wants to kill net neutrality, but his dream will cost him big-time. The actor who plays his hero, Parks and Rec's Ron Swanson, just snapped back at him on Twitter.

It’s one thing to anger random celebrities like Alyssa Milano and John Oliver, but for Ajit Pai, the 44-year-old chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, things just got personal. The star of one of Pai’s favorite TV shows — the actor known to “Parks and Rec” fans as Ron Swanson — is making sure everyone knows the admiration is not mutual.

In his office, Pai has a poster of the Swanson character’s “Pyramid of Greatness” framed on his wall. But due to Pai’s relentless pursuit to undo Obama-era net neutrality laws, he won’t be ascending it any time soon.


Nick Offerman, who plays Swanson, tweeted a biting note to the chairman about his plan to gut net neutrality laws, which some critics have said is just a move to prioritize companies and business over consumers.

Pai has been widely criticized for the repeal, which would give internet companies the freedom to charge whatever they want for different types of traffic. He also came under scrutiny when it was uncovered that, in the process of assessing public opinion over net neutrality, millions of spambots made anti–net neutrality comments to the FCC.

Nor is Pai the only man linked to the Trump administration to be publicly snubbed by his hero over his politics — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has also been trying (and failing) for years to earn the respect of Bruce Springsteen.

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