This 'Black Mirror' Trailer About a Robot Dog Is the Scariest One Yet

Check out the latest trailer from the upcoming season featuring a nightmare version of MIT's robot cheetah that may or may not have opposable thumbs.
December 4, 2017, 4:30pm

It's difficult to imagine how the future could possibly get scarier than 2017, but apparently the folks behind Netflix's hit anthology series Black Mirror have dreamed up enough terrifying dystopian realities to continue to unnerve us for another season. So far, we've gotten to see trailers for the fourth season's memory-deleting episode "Crocodile," one about future Tinder called "Hang the DJ," and "Arkangel," director Jodie Foster's take on a parent's worst nightmare, among others. But Sunday's new trailer for "Metalhead" might be the most bone-chilling yet.


In the black-and-white-shot episode—which was written by show creator Charlie Brooker and directed by American Gods's David Slade—a woman is being hunted by what looks to be some kind of bloodthirsty, android hound.

"We found a dog in the warehouse," the woman says into her phone, before all hell breaks loose.

The trailer doesn't make it clear why the woman (Maxine Peake) is being chased by a nightmare version of MIT's robot cheetah, but she definitely doesn't want to find out what happens if it catches up to her.

At the end of the 30-second teaser trailer, Peake's character is run off the road by a big car, which means that dog might have been built with opposable thumbs, or it's not the only thing in pursuit of the woman.

There's still no word on when season four will hit Netflix, but judging by the rate that these teasers are dropping, an announcement is likely coming soon. Until then, give the "Metalhead" trailer a watch above.