This story is over 5 years old.


A$AP Ferg Called Manu Crooks Onstage at His Sydney Show

Manu performed a version of his track "Assumptions" in front of a hyped crowd.

On Saturday night during his performance at Alison Wonderland's Scarehouse Project festival in Sydney, A$AP Ferg invited rising Australian hip-hop star Manu Crooks on stage. Manu wasted no time in grabbing the mic and jamming an energetic version of his track "Assumptions".

Though Ferg hadn't previously heard the song, he had no problem in hyping Manu during the performance. Earlier, the two chilled in Ferg's trailer before his set, no doubt discussing the correct way to shake hand towels when hyping a fellow performer.

Watch the video where you can hear Ferg say, ”I love Sydney and I appreciate you [Manu] for coming out here to do that.”