Desus and Mero Break Down That Controversial 'I'm Not Racist' Music Video

The VICELAND late-night hosts took a listen to the new song from rapper Joyner Lucas.

Race has very clearly become a major hot-button topic in 2017. That's why rapper Joyner Lucas decided to pen a song called "I'm Not Racist" and made a music video that has since gone viral. In the video, a white dude wearing a MAGA hat sits down with a black man to "discuss their points of view on racism, ending their heated debate with a long embrace.

On Thursday's episode of Desus & Mero, the VICELAND hosts decided to listen to the song CNN called a "brutal race conversation nobody wants to have" and explored whether or not it missed the mark.

"I see it now," Desus said, "because rather than actually working on racism you can just watch this video and be like Oh shit, I'm not racist."

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