'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Will Return to HBO This October

Check out the new teaser trailer for season nine, airing this fall after a six-year hiatus.
July 10, 2017, 6:14pm

Larry David works when he wants to work. During the early oughts, he cranked out a season of his genius HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm every year, then every other year, then basically stopped after 2011's eighth season. Since then, it seems like he's just kicked back, starred in a forgettable movie, and bummed around a bunch of Civil War battlefields.

But now, it looks like David's either gotten bored or just run out of battlefields to visit, because he's bringing Curb Your Enthusiasm back this fall.

On Monday, HBO released the first teaser trailer for the pretty, pretty, pretty long-awaited season nine, a little over a year after David first announced the show would be coming back. It doesn't give us much besides a release date and David's decision to grow his hair out a bit, but it's something. And after a six-year hiatus, we'll take what we can get.

The new season is set to air on October 1. According to Hollywood Reporter, Jeff, Susie, and Leon are all coming back, and it looks like Ted Danson and Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham will swing by for a few episodes, too—though there's no word yet on whether Michael J. Fox will pop up to reignite his feud with Larry.

Give the teaser a watch above and catch the debut episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm season nine October 1 on HBO.