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Broke? This French Company Will Press Vinyl for Anyone's Budget

Diggers Factory is a new French startup that presses LPs based on pre-orders from interested fans.
Fotografía: Pixabay

One of the most costly and time-consuming components of music-making is the vinyl-pressing process. But as vinyl becomes an ever-increasing format for music fans to listen to music, many bands and musicians must utilize the platform. Diggers Factory, a French startup, aims to let artists press their music on vinyl at nearly any budget.

How does it work? Diggers Factory will collect pre-orders from a band or musician's fans before they print a limited run of records in batches as small as 50. According to Diggers Factory, once orders have reached a pre-designated number, the album will get pressed and made available to fans.

So far, Diggers Factory has made a name for itself pressing vinyl by popular artists whose music is no longer available on vinyl, including French legend Serge Gainsbourg. The Wishlist section of their website allows users to submit ideas for albums and singles they would like to bring back. Users submitted wishlist items include The Avalanches Since I Left You, Frankie Knuckles It's a Cold World, and Soichi Terada's The Far East Transcripts II. Learn more about Diggers Factory here.