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Moullinex Doesn't Have Time For Aggressiveness on Funky "Work It Out"

The Portuguese producer teams up with former Azari & III vocalist Fritz Helder for a new single from his forthcoming album.
Photo courtesy of artist

Oppressive forces of society and general bringers of bad vibes, Portuguese producer and musician Moullinex has a message for you: "You better work your shit out."

Today the Discotexas label head has shared his latest single, "Work It Out," featuring vocalist Fritz Helder of the now-defunct Toronto group Azari & III. It's a groove-gilded warning that the pair aren't about to take anyone's BS, with the latter singing "Ain't nothing with some digression, ain't got no time for your aggression" over a deep, funky bassline and bright, swaggering synths.

It's the third song from Moullinex's forthcoming third album, HYPERSEX, due out this fall on Discotexas. Previously, he shared "Open House" and "Love Love Love," the latter for which he made a music video using dancers he recruited via Craigslist.

"'Work It Out' is the first track I started working on for this new album," the producer told THUMP over email. "It pretty much defined its direction, which was groove above all else, and had an immediacy that Fritz Helder, whom I was a fan of since Azari & III, greatly contributed to amplify. Above all, we both wanted the track to carry our shared love for dirty, sexually charged funk, one that isn't afraid of making a political statement."

Listen to it below and pre-order the single before it comes out July 7.