We Got Your Fucked Up Glastonbury 2017 Comedown Dreams Illustrated

After the party comes the night terrors.
June 30, 2017, 1:35pm

Glastonbury Festival is the most fun you can have in Britain, but it's also a test of endurance. Staying up for four days with very little sleep, abusing your body with also sorts of foreign substances and accidentally catching some of Biffy Clyro can take its toll.

One unforeseen side effect, for instance, are the horrifying night terrors that come in the days after doing a lot of drugs. We've been illustrating your Glastonbury comedown dreams for years, and this year's have been some of the weirdest yet.


Scroll down and enjoy.

"I went to my girlfriend's house for a party and Theresa May and Arlene Foster were getting it on in a corner wearing Sevco (Rangers) football kits."

- @IMR1881

"I dreamt that a spider called Chlamydia burrowed into my stomach & eggs kept falling out my mouth"

- @TobyParkin

"Dreamt I accidentally auditioned for a travel reality TV show and they were like "YOU'RE THE PLUS SIZE CHARACTER - EAT IT" and I had to swim in a cave with rhinos and was trying not to show everyone how scared I was."

- Sarah, via email

"I dreamt that I was tearing burnt skin from my face, but the skin was black and white cubes and a cross between skin and paint."

"Walking Dead zombies gained thought & coordinated an attack on Ed Sheeran led by an evil cat in a sea of floating tents."

- @nass_b1

Jack Hamilton Art