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Think You're Good at 'Dark Souls'? Try Playing It with a Fishing Pole

Twitch streamer uses fishing rod controller from a Bass Pro Shops game to beat the Abyss Watchers from 'Dark Souls 3.'

Some people like to fish on their days off, and some people like to play punishing video games like Dark Souls. But as YouTuber and Twitch streamer ATwerkingYoshi shows, these activities don't have to be mutually exclusive. Recently he took to Twitch to show off his skills at beating the famously difficult Dark Souls 3 using nothing more than the fishing rod controller made specifically for the 2009 fishing game Bass Pro Shops: The Strike.


Yoshi has made a name for himself doing this kind of thing, and he claims in his Twitter bio that he can "beat any game with any controller." That's a grandiose boast, but he does a great job of living up to those words. The last time we covered him, he was using a turntable designed for DJ Hero to beat the Abyss Watcher fight from Dark Souls 3. Yoshi apparently has a thing for this boss fight, as it's the battle he used to show off his skills with the hilariously inappropriate Bass Pro reel.

If anything, though, the fishing rod seems better suited to the action than the turntable. The fishing rod comes with a joystick, for one, which apparently makes a massive difference regarding ease of movement. The rod also comes with a number of buttons conveniently placed on the handle, thus approximating the feel of using a real controller.

Impressive, but it's only one of the crazy feats he's accomplished with a non-standard controller this week. A mere day after sharing his experiences with the fishing rod, Yoshi posted a 10-hour stream featuring him playing Dark Souls 3 with a Zettaguard Mario Kart racing steering wheel for the Nintendo Wii.