People Told Us the Most Mortifying Thing They Ever Did on a Date
Illustrations by Brandon Celi


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People Told Us the Most Mortifying Thing They Ever Did on a Date

"Accidentally texted him 'worst date ever.'"

It's easy to pick apart a bad date when you're the victim of someone else's asinine behavior. But there are times when you tank your own date. We asked friends and co-workers to recount their most cringe-worthy date faux pas. Here's what they said.

"Accidentally spit tiramisu on her neck." - Tori, 23

"Made him watch "The Emoji Movie." - Lauren, 28

"Accidentally texted him 'worst date ever.'" - Katie, 29


"Emergency pissed right by her car." - Christina, 26

"Shit myself and blamed my dog." - Kylie, 34

"Drank too much Bud and farted." - Jen, 33

"Couldn't stop hiccuping. Ended it early." - Tom, 24

"Took her to a strip club." - Pete, 31

"Choked on dinner. It wasn't pretty." - Lynn, 36

"Let cat out. It never returned." - Chris, 30

"Caught sexting second date of evening." - TC, 38

"Threw up in alley. Kissed after." - Alli, 28

"I hooked up with another guy." - Vivianna, 23

"Wouldn't stop complaining about my ex." - Ben, 32

"E was mostly heroin: passed out." - Tara, 22

"Got matching tattoos. Never dated again." - Ann, 24

"Grossed out vegetarian date with hamburger." - Adam, 30

Illustration by Brandon Celi.

"Stole psychedelic mushroom chocolates from fridge." - Essie, 33

"Forgot to shave legs and armpits." - Kelly, 33

"Kissed. Gums bled into her mouth." - Sarah, 24

"I called him dad by accident." - Chris, 34

"Ate expensive dinner. Puked in cab." - Julie, 35

"Pulled dirty sock out of pants." - Tim, 25

"An hour in, used wrong name." - Harry, 30

"Cried after running into my ex." - Annie, 39

"Said "I love you" on first date."- Grizelda, 28

"Asked what we'd name our kids." - Kim, 33

"Showed her my scrotum by accident." - Wes, 35

"Long wait at Times Square Applebee's." - Tobias, 40

"Stained his Jeep with period blood." - Amanda, 32

"Credit card was declined at dinner." - Jason, 39

"Broke his toilet and ran away." - Louis, 33

"The all-you-can-eat buffet was not romantic." - Dave, 34

"Asked the waitress for her number." - Brendan, 35

"Blew disgusting snot bubble. It popped." - Kristen, 30

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