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Daily Horoscopes: July 24, 2017

Don't expect to get your way today, but some surprises are likely.
July 24, 2017, 7:00am

The Moon connects with Jupiter at 6:58 AM, bringing good luck; however, expect some gloom to arrive when Venus opposes Saturn at 10:53 AM. Sadly, we can't always get what we want. Don't plan a romantic lunch date today, but do expect some surprising news or eureka moments at 12:32 PM when Mercury connects with Uranus. A grounded atmosphere will emerge at 4:53 PM when the Moon connects with Saturn, and we'll get in touch with what makes us feel loved and appreciated at 5:26 PM when the Moon connects with Venus.


All times EST.


You're one of the most generous and affectionate signs in the zodiac, Leo, but today, the vibe isn't so free or friendly. This is thanks to Venus and Saturn in opposition. But a brilliant idea arrives when communication planet Mercury connects with brilliant Uranus.


Tension is in the air, Virgo, thanks to sweet Venus in opposition with taskmaster Saturn. Fortunately, your ruling planet, Mercury, connects with brilliant, electric Uranus today, bringing breakthroughs.


Communication is important to you, Libra, but today your ruling planet, Venus, opposes the planet of "no," Saturn. This will create a tense vibe when it comes to sharing ideas or understanding each other. That said, some exciting meetings may take place today.


You know how to get what you want and won't ever stop until you get it… except for maybe today. Trust that what's meant to be yours will come to you. And watch out for some exciting news about work!


A reality check in your relationships arrives today, Sagittarius, and it may be disappointing. Don't expect the vibe to be cute or cuddly today. That said, an inspiring message may still come your way!


Your ruling planet, Saturn, is opposed by Venus today, which means disappointment is in the air—Venus wants to indulge, but Saturn says no. That said, some unexpected emotional breakthroughs are likely to arrive.


Stress in your social life arrives today—you're seeing things for what they are, and it's a bummer. Fortunately, your ruling planet, Uranus, mingles with messenger planet Mercury, bringing some exciting news.


There's a lot of tension in the air today, Pisces, as well as rejection. Stress pops up at home and and work. But some unexpected good vibes could also be flowing around your finances, so today isn't all crap.


It's a difficult day for communication, so don't push things. Just drop it, let the situation end, and move on. You'll bounce back, I promise—bouncing back is kind of your thing. An anyway, some unexpected flirty vibes or creative inspiration will arrive today!


You hate being told no, Taurus, but that's what you'll hear today. Luckily, some emotional breakthroughs will arrive today—just listen to your inner voice and go with the flow. It will lead you someplace unexpected and exciting.


It's a busy day in the sky, Gemini. The Moon in Leo is lighting up the communication sector of your chart, and you can bet some wild news is on the way, thanks to your planetary ruler, Mercury, connecting with the planet of surprise, Uranus.


A fresh start around self-worth (and cash!) is coming thanks to yesterday's new moon, but you have to put some of your own muscle into it. How? Spend time reflecting on what you value, your spending habits, and your feelings about security. Expect to face obstacles and surprises today. What's in the stars for you in July? Read your monthly horoscope here. Want these horoscopes sent straight to your inbox? Click here to sign up for the newsletter.