So Drove Enlists CupcakKe, Kreayshawn, and TT The Artist for Debut Song

Listen to the genre-hopping Los Angeles producer's gleeful posse cut "Get Ya Shine On."
June 30, 2017, 2:00pm
Photo by James Thomas Marsh

After making genre-hopping club music for several years as Schwarz, the Los Angeles producer has shared his debut single under the alias So Drove, which features Chicago's CuppcakKe (who released her excellent sophomore LP Queen Elizabitch this spring), Bay Area's Kreayshawn, and Baltimore's TT The Artist.

"Get Ya Shine On" sees him complementing the three MCs' resilient verses with a glistening, opulent beat, resulting in a West Coast-style posse cut that never flags in energy or vigour. Over email, the producer told THUMP how the song came together.

"This track is like the culmination of so many things I've been wanting to do for a long time. I'm a huge CupcakKe stan, and I was able to get her verse on the track first, before there was a concept or anything. Once I got her verse, I worked on it just a bit more and was able to finish it all together with Kreayshawn and TT in LA. It's nice the internet lets you collaborate long distance with people really easily, but it was special being there in person working on the track with them."

Listen to "Get Ya Shine On" (with original artwork by TT) below.

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