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This Short Will Make You Glad To Have All Ten Toes

The short animation follows cartoons trying to find a missing toe and its insatiable itch.
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After years of total obliviousness, a cartoon character comes to terms with only having nine toes. The story of an abstract-shaped creature with a body that resembles the number "1" awakens to a new reality: His little toe is desperately itchy! The strange aspect of this dilemma boils down to the fact that the protagonist does not have his little toe.

The video called Pinky Toe, directed and composed mostly by Mathieu Libman, features limerick-formatted narrative which tells the full story by combining the friendly and spirited aspects of Pixar with the rhyme-ability of a Dr. Seuss book. Libman is a second-year student at CalArts. He created Pinky Toe with the help of his music composition director, Paul Michael Cardon, who goes by Ninja Otter on his Soundcloud page. The set was designed by Ming-Huei Huang and props were designed by Emily Martinez and Kesiah Manival.


To see more work from Mathieu Libman visit his Vimeo author page, here.


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