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Oh Thank Sweet Merciful God Propagandhi Is Back

Hear "Victory Lap," from their first new album since 2012.

America is flooded with opinions right now. The alt-right, Democratic socialists, neo-cons, libertarians, Reagan Republicans, Never Trumpers, Bernie bros, antifa, and Jill Stein are all throwing in their two cents as loudly as possible at all times and it gets overwhelming. But leave it to a Canadian band to cut through the American noise.

Donald Trump's big dumb head served as a Bat Signal for Propagandhi, calling the revered, politically minded punk band back to action after a five-year absence. But on the opening title track of their new album, Victory Lap, they don't seem to have all the answers, and sound as overwhelmed by the noise as everyone else. Frontman Chris Hannah looks up as he asks: "God, are you there? It's me, in the denim jacket. Are you receiving my prayers through the noise?"

Right from the song's cutting opening riff, Propagandhi flexes their ever transforming style, an unholy hybrid of 80s metal and 90s punk. Victory Lap marks their first album since the departure of David "The Beaver" Guillas (even though he still fills in on this record), and the introduction of guitarist Sulynn Hago.

Victory Lap is out from Epitaph Records on September 29 and Propagandhi's triumphant return promises to be a bright spot during what has been an explosively contentious year.