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Foo Fighters Release Video for New Song, “The Sky Is a Neighborhood”

It was directed by Dave Grohl, and his kids are the stars.

Foo Fighters, a distinguished group of rock musicians, will release their ninth studio album, Concrete and Gold, on September 15. It's unlikely to be groundbreaking or shocking—Foo Fighters have been a mostly-inoffensive stadium act for well over a decade—but they seemed to be having fun on the album's first single, "Run," released in June. The band dressed up like old folks, Dave Grohl got shouty, and, bro, there were riffs.


"The Sky Is a Neighborhood," released this morning, is Concrete and Gold's second single. It's slower, more measured, and built for festival chant-alongs. They build an orchestra into the Big Guitar Moments, threatening to careen off into something spacey but pulling back into the chorus before it can take off. It's all very professional; that's not the end of the world.

The video was, like "Run," directed by Grohl himself. It stars the frontman's daughters, Violet and and Harper, who read the song's lyrics from a dusty book while the band clatters around on the roof. Watch that at the top of the page.

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