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5,566 Stickers Animate The Shins' Wild New Music Video

Directors LAMAR+NIK turn the band into a binder-worthy sticker collection for "Half a Million," off the band's new album 'Heartworms.'
Screencap via Vimeo

The Shins just released a new video for "Half a Million," a catchy, upbeat track from comeback album Heartworms, and it's peak indie.

Directorial duo LAMAR+NIK slapped 5,566 stickers, hand cut from rapid-fire snapshots of the band performing in front of a white backdrop, onto walls and objects in more than 40 locations. Each frame is stuck on top of the one before it, then stop-motion animated to create the illusion that frontman James Mercer and company are interacting with the environment in goofy ways, like flipping a light switch or knocking a bystander into a pool. The playful video is tailor-made for Mercer's lyrics about letting go of anxiety and having fun, writing songs, playing music, and relaxing.


"James always writes lyrics that seem playful but when you listen closer they actually have a deeper meaning. The stickers concept mirrors that," LAMAR+NIK, a.k.a., Jesse Lamar High and Nik Harper, tell Creators. With videos for The Pixies, Magnolia, and Deep Sea Diver under their belt, they've honed a low-budget, high concept style that nails the vibe of the indie revival of 2017. They continue, "Stickers seem playful on the surface, but when you think about all the steps involved in making the video, you realize that the process is thoroughly thought out and took some real effort." Check out the video below.

Heartworms is The Shins' first album since 2012's Port of Morrow. They are currently on tour promoting the album, and you can find dates near you on their website.


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