Sex Tourists Return With Another Song of Isolation and Romance

Listen to a track from the Sydney three-piece's upcoming album of detached pop.
August 29, 2017, 3:02am
Photo: Carmen Juarez

Ewan Finley singing, "I've heard you've had a minor car crash" on Sex Tourists' new track "Disconnect", has us thinking that everything sounds a little more ominous and baleful behind some cool synth.

The first song lifted from a new self-titled album that is due soon on Paradise Daily, continues the Sydney three-piece's forays into dark and isolating pop.

Using synths, drum machines, guitar, and the occasional bass, they create an atmospheric and ominous mood that reminds us the feeling you have when approaching a police roadblock late at night.

The record is the third vinyl release for prodigious Sydney label Paradise Daily, and with artwork by Kaspar Kagi, is one that we eagerly await.

Sex Tourists' self-titled album will be available soon on Paradise Daily records.