Mastodon Were in 'Game of Thrones' Again, but They Were Zombies This Time

Warning: spoilers within.
Foto: HBO

The seventh season finale of Game of Thrones was good as shit (although my timeline tells me that Twin Peaks unloaded some fresh, mind-blowing confusion on its viewers), setting the stage for its final chapter with some nice callbacks, character arc resolutions, and supernatural spectacles. Amidst all the… stuff, it's understandable if audiences missed the latest in the series' tradition of musician cameos.


This time, it was Atlanta prog-metal institution Mastodon that made an appearance, appropriate since their music is as burly and tangled as the show's many plotlines. They showed up as a few of the reanimated wights in the White Walker army near the episode's close (picture above, spoilerrific video of the relevant scene here). This is the second time Mastodon's appeared in the show, as they played presumably the same undead Wildlings in the fifth season's classic "Hardhome" episode. They also did a song literally called "White Walker" for the second volume of the Catch the Throne mixtape series. Listen to that below as you ponder the doom of Westeros.