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Calvin Klein Obsession is Being Used to Seduce A Man-Eating Tiger

Hunters in India are hoping that the female tiger will be powerless to resist the fragrance.
October 11, 2018, 3:14am
Image via Shutterstock

How do you catch a killer tigress? A man-eater. A cunning she-cat that has already evaded hundreds of foot soldiers, sharpshooters, camera traps, a thermal imagery drone, and five elephant-mounted veterinarians. How do you lure a creature like that? You pull out your secret weapon, the ace in the hole: A love potion so potent it’s been putting teenage girls and boys in a panting, feverish sweat for decades. Calvin Klein Obsession.


Forest rangers in India have been trying and failing to catch a female tiger for the past six months. The tiger, known as T-1, is suspected of killing 13 people near the town of Pandharkawada, Maharashtra: dragging them away by the neck and disappearing into the surrounding forest, Fairfax reported. It’s likely only a matter of time until she kills again, and with panic spreading throughout the village, authorities are looking for a Hail Mary solution. The answer to their prayers, they believe, could be a splash of men’s eau de toilette.

Research has already shown that jungle cats have a thing for Calvin Klein Obsession. Earlier this year, biologist Allison Devlin explained to Motherboard that the fragrance drives the cats wild not so much for the spicy notes or the ravishing citrus musk, but rather the perfume binder itself, which replicates a chemical secreted in the scent glands of small nocturnal mammals known as civets.

“[Civets] produce civetone in the pheromone that they’ll deposit through the glands near their rectum,” she said. “They’ll rub that against trees to mark their territory or to attract mates. It’s this very thick yellow [substance with a] very pungent scent that gets deposited. I think it's that content that elicits curiosity from cats.”

Rangers are hoping the tiger will be powerless to resist the beguiling fragrance. Time is of the essence: Nawab Shafat Ali Khan, one of India's most famous hunters, said that now T-1 has learned how easy it is to kill a person, she’s gone "psycho”. Not only that, but all the other failed capture methods have allegedly made her smarter. “Brilliant, actually,” as Nawab put it.


The Supreme Court has declared that rangers should try their best to capture T-1 and transplant her to a refuge centre or a zoo. If that fails, she'll likely be killed.

Obsession has already been used to catch at least two other tigers in India, and was first deployed by HS Prayag, a senior veterinarian who specialises in the study of large carnivores, The Guardian reports.

“In 2015 there was a man-eater in Tamil Nadu, and so I requested CK Obsession to lure the animal,” he said. “I also tried using tiger urine but CK gave me better results.”

Prayag advises big cat hunters to spray the perfume on their camera traps if they want to catch their target—but insists that they use the real thing and avoid the cheap knock-offs.

“I always have a word of caution: please use the original Calvin Klein perfume,” he stresses, “not the one you buy in the market, because I don’t think they’re original.”

Chanel No 5 has also proven effective at seducing large carnivorous mammals, apparently, but Prayag is quick to point out that it’s a slightly more expensive option.

“Because it is costly I use CK Obsession”.