Pilla B Threatens A Good Time And Fun Vibes on “Be About It”

The artist merges producer Harley Arsenault's colorful melodies with Noah '40' Shabib's signature stylings.

Here’s a thing we see a lot of in Canadian hip-hop: Too many Toronto rappers projecting tough-guy, ambivalent airs. Thank the gods for Pilla B, one of the city’s most fun and vibrant artists. His latest video “Be About It” begins with a reference to the cult classic movie “Paid in Full” and features cameos from Toronto personalities Daddy Rambo and DJ Mastermind. And sure, Pilla B sings and flexes about the usual particulars of rap, but he gives off infectious positive vibes while doing it.

The track comes from Pilla B’s 1YTD (1 Year-To-Date) album from earlier this year. That project was produced by Harley Arsenault and recorded in Noah '40' Shebib's SOTA studios, in case you were wondering why this one sounds so silky smooth. Pilla B has new music coming out in November and will be performing at Toronto’s Red Bull Music Festival. “I’m really in the streets, I’m about it,” Pilla B sings.

“A lot of people say they know where I’m at and all that gangster shit,” Pilla B writes about the track. “Or a lot of other people feel like I’ve gone somewhere else—like I ran away since I been shot, but I’m still right here.” Watch “Be About It” above.

Devin Pacholik is definitely not about it, but he likes a can-do attitude. Follow him on Twitter.