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Scott Morrison's Website was Hijacked Overnight

Someone bought the domain and uploaded the song "Scotty Doesn't Know" on repeat.
October 18, 2018, 10:27pm
Prime Minister Scott Morrison split with Matt Damon from Eurotrip
Image via Wikimedia/YouTube

CORRECTION (19/10/18): an earlier version of this article referred to the site being hacked. It wasn't an act of hacking, but rather of the domain being bought once its licence had lapsed.

Don’t tell Scott Morrison his website’s been hijacked. It seems like he doesn’t know. Scotty doesn’t know that was updated overnight to a simple one-page picture of him, smiling, his finger in the air, while the song “Scotty Doesn’t Know” by Lustra plays over the top. No written profile, no details about his electorate or information on grants and funding. Just a grinning picture of the prime minister of Australia and that Matt Damon song from Eurotrip.


Jack Genesin claims to be the brains behind the prank, reportedly seizing control of the website for a cool $50 after Morrison’s staff forgot to renew the domain license and it lapsed overnight.

“So, the PM forgot to renew his website and it expired today,” Jack wrote on Facebook. “Most fun I’ve had with $50 in a long time.”

This obviously went down a treat with many a social media user, as countless people chipped in to sing the praises of Genesin and share in a collective teehee at the Government’s overall incompetence.

Others, meanwhile, pointed out that one of the political parties had better take the song and make it their damn party anthem already.

While another neatly summed the whole debacle up as follows:

Don’t tell Scotty.

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