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Watch Justin Roiland Lose It in This Hilarious 'Rick and Morty' Blooper

"This fucking moment is so fucking good."

Adult Swim has been teasing Rick and Morty fans with a breadcrumb trail of third-party promos, music videos, and behind-the-scenes clips ever since the end of the show's widely watched third season. three and a half minutes of co-creator and voice actor Justin Roiland trying (and failing) to say "I'm Pickle Rick!" in the iconic scene from the Emmy-winning episode.

Really, the line that gets Roiland riled up is when Rick is telling Morty to turn his pickle body toward his daughter Beth, so he can make eye contact. About half of the blooper video is just him cackling and explaining the joke over and over again, which somehow makes it even more hilarious, considering it's also animated into the scene.


Adult Swim renewed Rick and Morty for an unprecedented 70 episodes in May, but there's still no word about whether it will come out before or after the "late 2019" projection writer Ryan Ridley estimated back in January. All we know is that, according to an Instagram post from Harmon, "they're drawing it!"

All we can hope for besides that are more clips like the "Pickle Rick" blooper between now and whenever the new season rolls around. Maybe we'll find out how long it took Roiland to nail the line, "Who wants to watch a mad scientist use handmade sci-fi tools to take out highly trained alien guards when we can sit here and be a family at Shoney's?"

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