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Turns Out It's Totally Cool to Have a 20-Pound Lobster in Your Suitcase

As one New England traveler proved Sunday.
Drew Schwartz
Brooklyn, US
Photo via Twitter user Michael McCarthy

You can't bring a full-sized shampoo bottle, Christmas crackers, or a hidden sword cane on an airplane, but as one New Englander proved Sunday, tossing this giant sea beast in your luggage is totally cool:

According to CBS Boston, TSA agents nabbed the 20-pound, living lobster out of a piece of checked baggage in Boston's Logan International Airport on Sunday, displaying their catch for all the world to see. After the photo op, officials then stuffed it back into the cooler it had been checked in and sent it on its way, because sea creatures that look like they're capable of eating a small child are totally kosher when it comes to air travel.

According to the TSA website, you can throw the large sea scorpion in either your checked bag or carry-on, so long as it's transported in a "clear, plastic, spill proof container." According to CBS, it's apparently something that happens pretty frequently in New England. Can't say the same for nunchucks, crampons, snow globes, shoe inserts, or cream cheese, but the foot-long blades that are this bottom-feeding beast's claws are fine. Just fine.

The lobster thing might be old news among fishermen, but there are a few smugglers who'd do well to take notes. Hiding weed inside a massive crustacean sounds like a way better plan than getting too stoned to give a shit, shoving 26 pounds of marijuana in your suitcase, and hoping things turn out alright.

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