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Watch an Old School Train Graffiti Mural Come to Life

Australian graffiti icon SOFLES puts his mark on Bucharest's famously colorful train system.
June 13, 2017, 5:31pm

A new site-specific interactive mural by respected spray artist SOFLES has amped up some lucky Romanians' commute in Bucharest's metro system, which is known for its distinct culture of thrill-seeking graffiti writers. The Melbourne-based writer uses the motion of a subway car's automatic doors to give life to a mural of a girl wearing sick reflective shades. She almost seems to burst from the train, as though alive, when the portals open and shut.


While many cities regularly cleanse their public transit of paint, photos of the Romanian capital's trains decked with letters and murals abound. Some cities give artists permission to color their transit, like Okuda San Miguel was given in Kiev.

It's unclear whether this mural was authorized, though Creators has reached out to SOFLES for comment. The mural is a collaboration with local Romanian writers BigMach and Mser1, whose Instagram account is loaded with letters coating metro cars. A piece in his first post reads, "Bucharest is our city.. Fuck Metrorex security."

SOFLES has painted all over the world, from his home in Melbourne to Tahiti, Europe, and the US. He's also recognized for graffiti projection mapping, and a fantastic timelapse collaboration with Selina Miles called Limitless , along with Drapl, Fintan Magee, Butchdaddy, and Ironlak. Check out the video—now at 11M+ views—and more of his tags and murals below:

See more SOFLES' work here. Visit Creators' Instagram to find more great artists.


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