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30 Artists Celebrate 30 Years of GIFs at an IRL Art Show

'TIME_FRAME,' GIPHY's second gallery show, is coming to NYC this June.
Images courtesy GIPHY

This summer, the .gif file format turns 30. The ubiquitous GIF sharing platform, GIPHY, will mark the occasion by having 30 artists spiriting GIFs away from the digital world and into the physical for a gallery show in New York City called TIME_FRAME.

GIPHY is packing Wallplay's Gallery 151 with innovative artworks and installations from staples like Lorna Mills, Faith Holland, Carla Gannis, Jelly Gummies, and Robert Beatty, and the artists of GIPHY Studios. The week-long GIF-stravaganza follows up on the 2016 GIF art show Loop Dreams to explore the past, present, and future of the medium. Throughout TIME_FRAME's June 15–22 run, panels, presentations, screenings, artist performances, and workshops will offer a comprehensive experience to GIF-lovers and novices alike.


Jess Gilliam, GIPHY Brand Creative Director says, "This year is a special year for the GIF—the format's 30th anniversary. That, combined with the tremendous turnout we received at last year's Loop Dreams art show, encouraged us to bring the GIF out of the computer and into a real space again. This year, TIME_FRAME will feature over 30 artists, as well as a visual and interactive history of the GIF and even more ambitious installations. At GIPHY, it's always been one of our top priorities to showcase artists working in and pushing the boundaries of digital art. We think there's no better way to celebrate the anniversary of the GIF than to celebrate artists who have worked to expand and enliven the format into something more than just a file type."

Below, meet a selection of the artists whose work will be on display at TIME_FRAME:

Robert Beatty

Lorna Mills

Faith Holland

Carla Gannis

Anthony Antonellis

Peter Burr

Here's the full list of artists:

Peter Burr, Robert Beatty , Withering Systems, Alan Resnick, Lorna Mills, Faith Holland, Carla Gannis, Rollin Leonard, A. Bill Miller, Anthony Antonellis, Planeta, Aaron Bjork, Yoshi Sodeoka, Xaviera López, MSHR (Birch Cooper and Brenna Murphy, Justin Brandon Kinard, GIPHY Studios (Domitille Collardey-Adebimpe, Nicky Rojo, Parker Jackson, Josh Freydkis, and Natalie James), Nitemind, Evan Yee, Jelly Gummies (Sam Lyon), Matias Trillo, Kans (Worasit Puttarak), Clara Terne, Patrick Sluiter, Olia Lialina, Mike Tyka and Toyoya Li.


TIME_FRAME will be open to the public Wallplay's Gallery 151 in the Meatpacking District, 245 W 14th Street, starting June 17.


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