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DJ Boring Shares Foggy Title Track from His Official Solo Debut

The rising UK lo-fi producer's 'Sunday Avenue' is out June 16 on Let's Play House.
Photo courtesy of artist

Following a string of well-received one-offs, including "Winona" and "Goodbye Michael," London lo-fi house producer DJ Boring has shared the buoyant title track from his upcoming three-song release Sunday Avenue.

Out June 16 on Brooklyn imprint Let's Play House, "Sunday Avenue" is a straightforward house beat in the vein of his previous work, pairing nostalgic vibes and a heavy dose of cotton-mouthed haziness.


Earlier this year, THUMP explored how YouTube's related video algorithm helped artists like DJ Boring, DJ Seinfeld, and Ross From Friends get their start.

Listen to the single and check out a tracklist below.

Sunday Avenue Tracklist: 1. Sunday Avenue
2. 6 AM Mimosa
3. Tribal Dreams

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