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This Mellow Music Video Is a Soulful, Collaged Dreamscape

A lilting tune by Nadia Schilling is set to a rotating window of vintage images.
Images via Vimeo

As songstress Nadia Schilling's rich, folksy voice spins a tale of wistful romance, a gorgeous, patchwork landscape reveals itself. The beautiful music video for Schilling's single "Kite" looks like an animated collage pieced together from carefully-selected vintage illustrations.

The brainchild of animator João Pombeiro, the video for "Kite" is an inventive take on the lyric video, with cut-away phrases that crawl across the frame and look keyed by a typewriter. The lush, mountainous terrain and a sweetly kissing couple harkens to an older, simpler time. As Schilling croons about a wayward lover, you can feel her yearn for the idealized world in her imagination.


The final third of the video adds a touch of reality to the fabricated scenes, as a live-action woman on a train silently regards the passing patchwork landscape. It's an interesting confluence of fact and fiction and makes "Kite" a soulful meditation on the realities we yearn for versus the ones we're in.

Watch the video in its entirety below:

Check out more music by Nadia Schilling on her Bandcamp page. And check out more of animator João Pombeiro's work on Instagram.


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