Argentina FA World Cup Manual Has Tips for Picking Up Russian Women

Some advice leading up to the the 2018 World Cup include: "Russian girls, like any other girls, pay close attention if you’re clean, you smell good, and if you dress well."
May 16, 2018, 4:19pm
Images via Twitter/ Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports 

There are a lot of cultural barriers to break down when visiting Russia for the 2018 World Cup. For starters, there's the non-Latin alphabet, close-talking is apparently a thing, and people are apparently big on open-faced sandwiches over there. But one barrier the Argentine Football Association wanted to make sure their people broke down was that between a man and a woman who more than likely wants to be left alone.


The Argentine FA held a training course for all official members of the national team—players, coaches, executives, and journalists—run by a Russian language teacher Eduardo Pennisi. While thumbing through the manual, one journalist, Nacho Catullo, spotted two whole pages about picking up on Russian women.

The AFA must've seen the page around the same time, because shortly afterward, officials interrupted the course mid-session to confiscate the pages from each manual (which, mind you, bore the AFA seal of approval on it). Catullo says he anticipated this happening, so he ripped the pages out and took some photos first.

Deadspin has translated a few excerpts, and I've got a slightly different version translated below:

What to do in order to have an opportunity with a Russian Girl

1. Russian girls, like any other girls, pay close attention if you’re clean, you smell good and if you dress well. The first impression is very important for them, they pay attention to your image.

2. Russian girls do not like to be seen as objects. Many men, because Russian women are beautiful, only want to take them to bed. Maybe they want it too, but they are people who want to feel important and unique. The best advice is to treat the women who is in front of you as someone with value, with their own ideas and desires. Pay attention to their values and personality. Don’t ask stupid questions about sex. For the Russians, sex is very private and not a topic to be discussed in public. (Maybe you do not believe me, but I know men that do that.)


7. Normally they do not like you to monopolize the conversation. I see that problem in men who are very selfish or sometimes with men who get nervous talking to a pretty girl. In both cases it's a requisite that you change your attitude, but for nervous guys, relax, it is only a girl, nothing more.

8. Don't try to impress the girl in the wrong way. Maybe you will try to impress her by talking about the money you have, that you know everything, that you are perfect and the others are stupid poor people. In the end, if the girl has a little sense, she will kick you to the curb. Be real and talk about yourself in real terms, talk about your faults in a fun way and about your positive aspects.

Normally Russian women pay attention to important things, but of course you will find girls who only pay attention to material things, to money, if you are handsome, whatever. Do not worry, there are many beautiful women in Russia and not all are good for you. Be selective.

I'm guessing this guy is penning an Argentine version of The Game as a side hustle. Women don't like being treated like objects, women like it when you pay attention to their values, don't ask stupid questions about sex. But also: relax, it's only a girl. We've got a real Casanova on our hands here.

The Argentine FA released a statement apologizing for the entry in their World Cup manual, saying that the pages were put in the manual as a mistake. The AFA claims that the teacher accidentally included information from a usual course he runs, where this is apparently acceptable?

In any event, I'm sure the women of Russia are deeply saddened that they won't be properly hit on this summer.

h/t Deadspin