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Stream Grinding Sludge Fiends Secret Cutter's Ferocious New Album

Listen to 'Quantum Eraser,' the Pennsylvania trio's highly anticipated (and absurdly heavy) sophomore LP.
Photo by Tim Wynarczuk

I'd half-planned to post this on July 4 alongside a screed on America's colonial, imperialist, genocidal shames—but I'm on fucking vacation until the 10th, so decided to just share it with you as-is, and hope that you utilize Secret Cutter's wildly aggressive extreme metal sickness as the soundtrack to your block party or I.C.E. blockade.

There is something just so deliciously satisfying about this kind of willful genre-fucking; grind/sludge is sort of like powerviolence's bitter, heavier older brother, who's spent a bit more time studying chord progressions, pondering dynamics, and frying his brain, but is still an absolute miserable bastard. Pennsylvania trio Secret Cutter have mastered the style, which they make a point of shoving in your face on their ridiculously vicious new album, Quantum Eraser.


Deathwish Inc. and Holy Roar have teamed up to distribute the record in their respective territories come July 6, and I've got to say, it's probably the outright heaviest thing I've heard all year; they blast out gut punch after gut punch on songs like "4 1/2" and "Mantis" (which reminds me a bit of Lord Mantis, ironically enough) and shovel in malevolent grooves when the mood strikes. It rules.

Quantum Eraser was recorded by drummer Jared Stimpfl at Captured Recordings Studio (Jesus Piece, Ultra Mantis Black), mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Integrity, Obituary), and completed with cover art by Thomas Hooper (Neurosis, Converge). Listen below, and preorder the physical jawn here.

Catch Secret Cutter live if you can:
7/13/2018 Lucky 13 Saloon – Brooklyn, NY w/ Hell To Pay, Phantom Pain
8/17/2018 The Trocadero (Upstairs) – Philadelphia, PA w/ Enemy Soil, Congenital Death

Kim Kelly is technically on vacation until July 10 but will still be posting bullshit on Twitter.