Grimes Wants to Change Her Name to Some Science Shit Thanks to Elon Musk

Nothing matters anymore.

Alas, some of us were holding out hope that dating Grimes would turn Elon Musk into a "woke bae," but so far it seems like he's the one changing her. First, the singer showed up to the Met Gala wearing what appeared to be a Tesla choker. (Musk and Grimes reportedly designed her look together.) Now, Grimes has announced she's seriously considering changing her legal name, Claire Boucher, to something suggested by her new boyfriend.


On Thursday, the musician tweeted that she's thinking of nixing "Claire" for a lowercase, italic letter c—a reference to the speed of light.

Despite her fans' collective freakout over the tweet, the name change isn't as insidious as it seems. Apparently, her friends already call her "c" and Boucher has been wanting to change her name for a while. She tweeted that Musk simply said he liked her current nickname—and gave it a science-y twist.

Gotta say, this latest chapter of the Grimes and Musk saga makes a lot of sense. The duo clearly gets off on philosophical space-time banter, so Boucher merging her boyfriend's intergalactic aspirations with her identity seems pretty on-brand. She also assured fans that the name change wouldn't affect her stage name and that she'll still produce music as Grimes.

The jury's still out on the celebrity odd couple since news of their courtship broke earlier this month. But the musician did acknowledge the legion of memes they've inspired, retweeting a video poking fun at how the couple communicates as "accurate."

There's just one last question: since Boucher seems down with nicknames, can we all just agree to call the couple "Grusk" already? Or will we have to revert to something dumb, like "c-lon?"

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