The Man Who Turned Pizza into a Drone Is Either a Genius or One of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Happy Friday!
Hilary Pollack
Los Angeles, United States
May 18, 2018, 4:54pm
Screengrab via YouTube

When some Australian guy served a latte out of an avocado last year, it kicked off a chain reaction of events, a demented butterfly effect, that brought forth edible fidget spinners, ranch dressing fountains, and something called 'cryptomatoes.' Welcome to the future; I pity us all.

Naturally, this demented newfound order of the universe eventually yielded a drone made out of pizza, because of course it did. Never mind that this is a waste of perfectly good mozzarella; there are some props to be given for the technical know-how and commitment to execution demonstrated by Eric Ponce Rodríguez, the creator of the drone.

“I did it more than anything to entertain my YouTube audience,” Rodríguez told Digital Trends. “On my channel, I have a section called ‘rare drones,’ which consists of trying to fly drones that are a bit out of the ordinary. In this case, I made a pizza and tried to make it fly."

Rodríguez baked the pizza base first—nope, this thing isn't just stenciled out of a DiGiorno—and then added all of the little drone parts (motor, battery, propellers, camera, etc.) Then, he topped it with cheese, pepperoni, and flecks of green bell pepper.

As you can see in the video above, the thing works… well, kind of. You're not going to be able to use it to get cool aerial shots of your dog catching a Frisbee any time soon, but it turns on, spins, and looks kind of cute.

“It was really difficult. The motors were placed as well as I could on a pizza, but the drone was vibrating a lot, and after I tried to make a roll, one arm broke and the drone fell to the ground," Rodríguez added. Splat. Sadly, it also went uneaten, although Rodríguez says he also made a non-functioning replica that he did consume.

Some of the best things in life are useless, and should exist simply as proof-of-concept—Cam'ron's ebola mask comes to mind. As Arthur O'Shaughnessy (or Willy Wonka, depending on whether you care about history) once said: "We are the music-makers and we are the dreamers of dreams."