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Mastodon's Brann Dailor Goes Solo with the Gloomy Grunge of "Red Death"

The drumming wizard turns into a capably brooding rocker on a cut for DC's 'Dark Nights: Metal' comic series.

How many rock bands besides The Beatles, Genesis, and the Eagles have had their drummers start a solo career as a frontman? Not many, that's for sure. Naturally it would be Mastodon's percussion genius Brann Dailor who joins this rarefied company, and while he's not going pop like Phil Collins, his debut solo single "Red Death" is a good deal more straightforward than his main band's famously technical, proggy hard rock.


The song, which is part of an accompanying album for DC's Dark Nights: Metal series of comic books (a monthly set of adventures that finds Batman and the rest of the Justice League exploring the darkest parts of DC's Multiverse), is a glowering grunge ballad that'd be right at home on a latter-day Alice in Chains album, which is a good thing. Dailor sounds comfortable brooding on the jangly, slightly electronic verses and calling to the nosebleeds on the arena-sized choruses. Never underestimate what a rhythm player can do when they're put in the limelight. Listen to "Red Death" above.

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