The 'Quiet Place' Writers Just Took a Stand Against Spinoffs and Reboots

After Lucasfilm asked them for Star Wars or Indiana Jones ideas, the writers slammed the studio for refusing to take risks.
A Quiet Place
A Quiet Place screenshot via Paramount

We have somehow stumbled into a culture loop where we are forced to forever relive the same mediocre stories over and over, like a purgatory filled with Face/Off remakes starring Timothée Chalamet and Lucas Hedges or whatever. Every movie is a revival of a reboot of a sequel to a franchise, and the great cultural necromancer is bringing just about every old TV show back to life, save for the one that we actually want. This is how the world works now.


But it looks like the writing team behind A Quiet Place (one of the few inventive new movies to actually make a mark in the past few years) is at least as sick of it as the rest of us. In a new interview with Movieweb, co-writers Scott Beck and Bryan Woods said that they went to Lucasfilm after the success of A Quiet Place to talk potential projects—but they just spent the time ripping Lucasfilm for not having any new ideas, apparently.

"We went into Lucasfilm in the wake of A Quiet Place and they wanted to talk to us about Indiana Jones and Star Wars," Woods told Movieweb. "And we're like, 'We wanna talk to you about, what is Star Wars before it was Star Wars?' You guys have a responsibility to start a new franchise. That's where our hearts have always been, just trying to create original ideas."

"It was simply ruminating on if we did an Indiana Jones movie, what would we want to see in Indiana Jones?" Beck added. "Or if we did a Star Wars movie, what's that chapter of the whole universe that we would want to see? So it very much was an open canvas talk. It started going down the line a little bit but, again, as Bryan said, it's just not our DNA. We would rather create what the next Indiana Jones could be."

And, sure, it would be exciting to see what kind of contained sci-fi stories Beck and Woods might come up with if they had the resources that comes with working inside the Star Wars universe, but they're right—we eventually have to stop cannibalizing our old stories and start figuring out what, exactly, the next major franchise might be. And seeing as how John Krasinski is already hard at work on A Quiet Place 2, the guys might be on their way to starting one.

Ultimately, it's just nice to know that at least some people in Hollywood recognize just how bleak this endless remake cycle is and are trying to take a stand about it. Though, wait—that Chalamet and Hedges Face/Off reboot would actually be pretty amazing. Get on it, A24.