UK Government Releases Photos of Russian Hackers, Whose Lives Look Awesome

Authorities indicted alleged members of Evil Corp, a high profile cybercrime group.
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On Thursday authorities announced charges against members of the so-called Evil Corp, a high profile cybercrime group that judging by photos released by the UK's National Crime Agency lives a life befitting the name.

Maksim Yakubets, 32, from Moscow is charged in relation to multiple hacking and bank schemes, according to the NCA announcement.


Evil Corp member Andrey Plotnitskiy. Image: NCA

"The sophisticated, technically skilled crime group represents the most significant cyber crime threat to the UK," the announcement added. The U.S Department of Treasury also imposed sanctions on 24 related entities, and there is now a $5 million reward from the U.S. State Department on Yakubets head.


The group clearly has money of its own, too.


A Nissan GTR used by Evil Corp member Dmitriy Smirnov. Image: NCA

The photos released by the NCA include a custom-painted Audi R8 and another matching camouflage Lamborghini Huracan. A Nissan GTRis covered in a bombastic blue and red skull pattern, complete with deciles of knuckle dusters. In one photo Evil Corp member Andrey Plotnitskiy poses with a bundle of cash. Another shows Yakubets ridiculously over the top wedding, that the NCA said in its announcement cost over a quarter of a million pounds.

As the announcement points out, if the Evil Corp members leave Russia they will likely be arrested. Maybe they'll just have to spend the cash on domestic holidays for a while.


Evil Corp vehicles. Image: NCA


Lamborghini belonging to Yakubets. Image: NCA


Audi R8 belonging to Evil Corp. Image: NCA


Evil Corp members on holiday in Dubai in 2013. Image: NCA

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