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Fleeing to Rwanda: Burundi On The Brink (Dispatch 1)

VICE News stops through Rwanda en route to Burundi to hear testimony of what life is like in Bujumbura amidst the current political crisis.

Over 150,000 people have fled the small Eastern African nation of Burundi since political strife, intimidation, and unrest have plagued the country in recent months. Many of those migrants have sought refuge in neighboring Rwanda. Nearly 30,000 civilians are now living in Mahama refugee camp, one of the largest UNHCR camps built since the crisis began in April 2015.

A large number of activists, journalists, politicians, and opposition leaders have also fled Burundi for their own personal safety, settling in Rwanda's capital, Kigali.

VICE News stops through Rwanda en route to Burundi and speaks with young men at Mahama camp and an activist in Kigali about what life is like amid the current political crisis.

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