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Daily Horoscope: March 17, 2016

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Illustration by Nicole Ginelli

The Moon is in emotional Water sign Cancer all day, and most of the action today takes place early on. The Moon connects with Jupiter at 4:00 AM, creating a lucky vibe. However, it opposes Pluto right afterward, at 4:08 AM, so be realistic and enforce your boundaries. A rebellious energy takes over when the Moon challenges wild Uranus at 7:39 AM—don't send any impulse text messages first thing this morning. Instead, let your feelings sink in a bit. Communication flows easily when the Moon trines the planet of talk, Mercury, at 12:17 PM. All times EST.



As an Aries, doing anything at a slow pace is basically painful, but today taking your time will pay off. So many changes are taking place—both at home and around your career or public life—and rushing around won't do you any good.


You might not have slept too well last night, but any ideas that came to you in your dreams (or as you were lying awake in bed) will be very valuable. Discuss your thoughts with someone who inspires you.


You're all about money and other material matters today, Gemini. The Moon is in security conscious Cancer, and you're wondering how to make the most of what you've got. Don't be afraid to ask for help.


The Moon is in your sign all day, Cancer! It's a great day for self-examination and expression. Your psychic powers are super strong today, so carry some clear quartz to keep your mind unclouded.


The Moon is in cuddly Cancer today, inspiring you to curl up and hide from the world, Leo. Spend some time alone in a quiet space. You're physically sensitive today and will be easily overwhelmed.


You'll wake up thinking a lot about your relationships today, both social and romantic. Today is an excellent day for communication—the energy is understanding and sensitive, with the Moon in Water sign Cancer.


You work you ass off, Libra! And, as the sign of relationships, that often means you pick up other people's slack, too. Today, you'll demand a better work/life balance. Material rewards are coming your way.


The Moon is in fellow deep, psychic, and moody Water sign Cancer today, inspiring you to reflect on philosophical issues. If you're in school or traveling, luck is coming your way, Scorpio!


You're in a very psychic, magical mood today, Sagittarius, so it's likely you will break out the Ouija board or tarot cards. The Moon is in intuitive Cancer, inspiring you to reflect deeply, especially around your intimate relationships.


You're thinking a lot about the power dynamics in your relationships today, Capricorn. Fortunately, there are some great vibes tonight around communication. Your intuition is very sharp, so trust your gut.


Today's a great day to reflect on your work/life balance. Are you taking care of yourself, Aquarius? It's time to figure out what's really important to you: Your health and happiness are high on that list, I'm sure.


The Moon is in fellow Water sign Cancer all day, sending you fab energy—especially around romance, creativity, and having a good time. Tonight is amazing for self-expression, Pisces.

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