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Daily Horoscope: February 16, 2016

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February 16, 2016, 8:00am
Illustration by Nicole Ginelli

The Moon in logical Gemini squared dreamy Neptune early this morning at 1:15 AM, which probably led to some tossing and turning. At 12:10 PM, you'll have a chance to confront a structure that's not working for you when the Moon opposes Saturn, and surprises will come at 4:30 PM when the Moon connects with wild Uranus. A conservative mood will take over when the Moon challenges Jupiter at 10:02 PM, but we'll see how long that vibe lasts: Love planet Venus enters electric, eccentric Aquarius at 11:17 PM! All times EST.


There's lots of news and talk all around you today, Aries! Getting your work done will feel a little difficult, but do your best to get it done: Tonight, Venus enters fun and friendly Aquarius, creating amazing vibes in your social life!


Whenever your ruling planet Venus changes signs, we know a big change will be on the way for you, too. Venus enters Aquarius tonight, bringing some sweetness to your professional and public life.


The Moon is in your sign today, Gemini! Today is super busy for you, which is just how you like it. Venus, the planet of love and harmony, enters fellow Air sign Aquarius today, sending you lots of good luck!


Today you'll wonder a lot about the structures in your life—and whether you want to burst free from them. Venus enters eccentric Aquarius tonight, which will further push you to consider what wild changes you want to make.


Today Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and harmony, enters Aquarius, the sign opposite from you on the zodiac wheel. This is a fantastic time for love and partnering for you, Leo! Partnerships that concern money will also get a boost at this time.


Your mind is in business mode, Virgo—all you want to do is push forward on all your goals. Doing so will begin feeling even more enjoyable today. Someone cute may start joining you as you do your chores!


The Moon is in fellow Air sign Gemini, where it's sending you lots of good vibes. Things get even sweeter this evening when your ruling planet enters cool Air sign Aquarius! Expect lots of romance and creative inspiration.


We're getting closer to spring, but you're only now really starting to get in the cozy, winter mood. Even if you live in a warm place, you'll still be all about domesticity now that so many planets are in Aquarius, highlighting the part of your chart that's all about home.


Aquarius is one of the smartest signs in the zodiac (other than you, of course). Today, lovely Venus enters this sign and activates the part of your chart that rules the mind. You'll soon be making some beautiful ideas and connections.


Venus says goodbye to your sign and enters logical Air sign Aquarius today! This will activate the sector of your chart that rules money— this is definitely not a bad place for the planet of harmony to hang out.


Venus, the planet of love and beauty, enters your sign today! You'll feel extra attractive, Aquarius! Unexpected news (or gossip) comes your way today—what will you do with it?


Lots of action is taking place concerning your home or family today, Pisces, but the big news is around money: Tonight, Venus, the planet of prosperity, enters Aquarius, boosting your luck with cash!

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