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Remembering Coachella 2007, When Amy Winehouse and Lindsay Lohan Reigned

Amy Winehouse may not have headlined Coachella, but she was the axis of the cultural elite and messy starlets that defined the era.
Lindsay Lohan at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival - Day Two - Backstage at Empire Polo Field in Indio, California. (Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

This Week in 2007 is a weekly column looking back on Lindsay Lohan, the first iPhone, George W. Bush, and everything else we loved about the year 2007.

Coachella was a Venn diagram of hipster culture and mainstream pop in 2007. Bjork and Rage Against the Machine headlined (bands like Arctic Monkeys and Interpol played earlier in the day), while Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan flashed the peace sign and danced in the fields while wearing overalls and faux hippie dresses. (Britney Spears did not attend the festival, but cops did pull her over for speeding in Beverly Hills that weekend.)


Crowds anticipated Amy Winehouse more than any other artist. She sang soul and jazz songs about addiction—on MTV. She partied with Paris and Kelly Osbourne at Perez Hilton's birthday party at the Roxy. Amy may not have headlined the festival, but she was the definitive Coachella performer of 2007, the axis of the cultural elite and messy starlets that defined the era.

Amy opened her set with "Addicted," a song relatable to many of the stars who would enter rehab in 2007. Hits from Back to Black filled the rest of the set as the singer rocked back and forth wearing simple cut off jeans and a white tank top. "And in your way, in this blue shade / My tears dry on their own," she sang on "Tears Dry on Their Own. "So we are history / Your shadow covers me / The sky above ablaze." If Lindsay was the face of addiction in 2007, Amy was its soul.

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Amy, though, received less flack for discussing her problems on stage and in the media. Backstage, she hobnobbed with actors who were more respected than Lohan; she was approached by Danny DeVito, who donned a black cap and shades, and the pair hugged for Getty Image photographers.

Trouble accompanied her backstage in the body of her on-again/off-again beau Blake Fielder-Civil, whom Amy smooched on the side of the stage despite the grey fedora on his head.

Photo by Todos os Tamanhos, via Wikimedia Commons

Lindsay also performed at Coachella, but during a less prestigious set. The party rap outfit Spank Rock invited her on stage for "Lindsay Lohan's Revenge," their 2006 ode to Lindsay, Paris, and Britney flashing their vaginas. (Refrain: "Why you showin' them coochie lips gettin' up out your car?/ Paparazzi hangin' all around you, bit–/ You know you're a superstar/ Put your panties on/ Put your pussy away.")

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Lindsay seemed to take the lyrics' to heart and joined them on stage in jeans and a yellow shirt. As an entourage of men rapped, Lindsay moved her arms in the air, as many white girls before her have done while pretending to rap. She looked innocent, more like the Lindsay from the Disney Channel than the Lindsay seen on Crime TV. At Coachella, she looked more like the Lindsay that defined 2007—especially when she danced with Paris at a VIP party. The frenemies bopped against a wall as Block Party's "Helicopter" blasted, and for the most part, Lindsay seemed as on-the-up as Amy. Her summer comedy Georgia Rule would hit theaters in only a few weeks.

Paris seemed even more demure, wearing a beige flower-child dress and crown and roaming the desert taking photos with a large camera. She was unaware that a two-month court saga would dominate her summer—and the country's attention.

Coachella was a relatively relaxed celebrity-filled weekend in 2007, the calm before a summer that would feature two Lindsay arrests, one drunk Amy, one Paris in Jail, and several wigs on Britney's head.