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Daily Horoscope: August 12, 2015

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August 12, 2015, 7:00am
Illustration by Nicole Ginelli

The Moon in Cancer trines Saturn in Scorpio at 1:44 pm--power lunches should go well today. It's a great day to wear your favorite office lady (or gentleman) outfit! The vibe is conservative, but that can be hot sometimes, no? Mercury in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces at 9:12 pm, no late night phone calls or text messages: You won't be thinking clearly. Or, maybe the opposite is true--your communications may be totally poetic and beautiful. That's the thing about transits to Neptune: you never know what to expect. Neptune is dreamy, but it can be deceptive.


You can probably count on one hand how many projects you've actually brought to completion…Today, you may just add another to that list if you take advantage of the get-shit-done flow this afternoon and make discipline your mantra.


If you have something to say to a partner or friend, do it this afternoon, while the Moon in caring Cancer is on great terms with Saturn in transformative Scorpio. Things will feel way to hazy later this afternoon.


You secretly love watching chaos go down, but tonight won't be fun if you act thoughtlessly. Your public and private life may have a clash, and things could get a little confusing. Use the productive energy this afternoon to get shit done and try to stay grounded.


The Moon is in your sign, Cancer! Things feel strong and stable--today, the Moon contacts security-loving Saturn. Confusion around communication could pop up this evening; keep cool and make sure you have the full story before making any actions.


You're too generous, Leo. Once in a blue moon, someone forgets how giving you been, and it breaks your heart. This evening could be a little funky around personal debts--avoid stressing out about material issues: It'll create uncertainty, not clarity.


This afternoon is awesome for creating strong connections in your social circle, but end the party early. Things may be a little too good to be true this evening. Luckily, you're great at fact checking, Virgo!


Of all the signs to power lunch today, Libra, it's you who I'm really crossing my fingers for. An authority (or similarly fancy and successful person) may see a whole lot of potential in you. Money and recognition could be on your way, so don't waste the good vibes this evening!


This afternoon, there may be some kind of a-ha! moment around what you're capable of. This evening could be a little confusing and foggy, but sometimes a little mist is sexy? Maybe, maybe not--but be sure to remember who your real friends are while you're out chasing mysteries.


While you are one of the most intellectual and self-aware signs of the zodiac, you haven't gotten it all figured out. Today could bring you a small lesson about yourself. The world is a confusing place (especially tonight), but self-knowledge can get you through anything.


You could make some great connections this afternoon, so pay attention to whom you meet: They may be great allies down the line! Your imagination runs wild tonight, so be sure to stay objective and logical when making decisions.


You're not crazy about routines, Aquarius, but you do work very well when you have your shit organized and in order; this afternoon your efforts could pay off in a big way. Things have been confusing, financially speaking, and this evening is no exception. Keep cool by knowing you've got your business organized and under control.


The Moon and Saturn are in water signs--nurturing Cancer and transformative Scorpio, respectively--so things will feel so right this afternoon. Nothing can last forever, unfortunately, and tonight you may be asked for answers you can't give. Putting your amazing listening skills to use is the best way to handle any strange vibes.

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