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Melo Makes Music's "Remember" Has All the After-Summer Nostalgia You Need

The latest in the Noisey x SoundCloud Video Singles series features the rising Chicago star at his best.

Chicagoan singer-rapper Carmelo Cianflone, better known as Melo Makes Music, has been on the rise lately, propelled by his status as one of SoundCloud's Artists to Watch and his debut project, Hold Your Tongue. That record ran from gauzy emo-rap to twitchy hip-hop to almost-folk, but his latest song, the latest in the Noisey x SoundCloud Video Singles series, is poppier than anything that's come before. "Remember" is a late-summer slice of R&B nostalgia that foregrounds his versatile vocals and easy melodicism. The accompanying video is appropriately sunny and hazy. Watch it at the top of the page before he blows up.


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